Friday, November 4, 2011

it's friday.

I really am in the Christmas mood-- I have to admit that I had Parker get the Christmas music Cds down from the attic and now the sweet sounds of Christmas are filling the house for all to hear.

Now if I could just find that pumpkin tea... My SIL mentioned the Coffee Bean. My husband would just love getting addicted to high priced tea. Ha!

This weekend I have one goal. We (the men in our church, really) have remodeled and built a new mommy room. Which means that it gets done slowly as people in the church put in time as they are able. As far as I'm concerned, it's taking way too long (maybe God's trying to teach me something-- I wonder what it is...?) But I can't wait for the change to be complete so that I can start decorating.

I absolutely love making these rooms into a cozy, inviting space that encourages children and mommy's to enjoy being there while learning about Jesus. Love it. I have been spending a little too much time on Etsy browsing.

And I love finally getting the vision and inspiration for a room and going with it. I never thought I had a creative bone in my body growing up. But I seem to have found my creative flare and I love that I can use it as a ministry.

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