Thursday, November 10, 2011

my normal life.

I keep hearing that these past few months have flown by-- They sure have. But it's good.

I've had a nagging cold that I haven't been able to kick for the past 3 months which is driving me nuts. Sleeping at night hasn't been that successful which doesn't help the getting better part.

And the kids have been suffering from clogged ears. Not due to infection or sinus congestion, but rather a practice of not hearing/listening to Mommy the first time. Or the first 5 or 6 times.

I've also been finding candy wrappers (Halloween candy plunder) in the most bizarre corners of the house and Lincoln has decided to become the 'screaming eagle' for no apparent reason. Makes me want to scream too.

Surprisingly, homeschooling is trotting along fine and we are still on track. Sigh.

And Parker has started (again) playing the drums for evening church. He has been getting drum lessons from one of the disciples in our church which have been moving him right along.

I think Ethan should start ushering if it was up to this Mommy.

Jasper will be 1 on Friday. And his personality is changing too-- he went from a cute inquisitive child to a-- 'I want to try to do all the things I shouldn't' monster.

Ruby and Pearl have become quite the friends... Love it.

Sophia has really become an amazing reader.

Charlie is happy flag football season is over and is making it quite clear that he will not be playing basketball for awhile.

And Daddy is keeping busy with my 'to do list' for the remodeled children's church rooms. Just last night before church he was cutting me 2 half doors.

And I am waiting for some really cute things from Etsy. I love it when the mail lady brings good things.

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