Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Jasper turned 1 on Friday.

My soft squishy baby is just adorable.

I just can't stop giving him kisses and admiring how smart he is. He mimics any word he hears you say. I guess only a Mommy could love the garbled phonic syllables. Of course, a stranger might not. But that makes being a Mommy unique.

He's still our #1 picky eater except when it comes to pizza.

And I still haven't put shoes on him, but his walking skills are amazing. I think it adds to his cuteness. I'm just a little biased if you can tell.

Ruby is still his best friend and sings to him during car rides-- usually the whole car ride. Ruby is definitely the singer in the family.

And finally, he's gotten a lot better with his naps unless a little person starts screaming in the next room at which point he immediately awakens.

Parker's been a big help in putting him down for his naps; he claims he's learned a special technique for the greatest success. He says he's the one with the most power. Come to think of it, I just might agree.


Susan said...

Have you thought of using 'white' noise in his room when he's sleeping? Try using a fan or some kid music; worked with mine!

{K} said...

Happy Birthday to your little one!! I love his name. :)

Amanda said...

He is so cute. I adore this age - my little guy is almost 15 months. There's something about little toddler boys, they're hilarious and so sweet!