Tuesday, November 15, 2011


My newest obsession-- Now that I have daughters taking dance classes-- ballet, jazz, tap and musical theater, I enjoy shopping online for adorable, girly and vibrant leotards and tights of all colors.

Perhaps a little too much. I have become a chronic online shopper.

You can't look too cute doing twirls and plies. Sophia has won two contests for doing splits. And around here you might hear the song--Make like a banana and split-- so she can show off her new skill.

Pearlie just likes to show us her twirls and snowman dance.

You may even see Sophia teaching a class here at home to her 2 little sisters. Ruby loves that.


Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

My baby girl is 18 months and I can't wait to start buying the ballet supplies!!! The tutus on Etsy are wonderful and I've been obsessed with ballet slippers since I took ballet as a young girl. I even had a black pair of them in my 20's that I wore as regular shoes. : )

~ Wendy

JWMorris said...

Libby would LOVE the Tangled pjs! Where'd you find them? Can you email me and tell me where?