Tuesday, November 29, 2011

operation christmas child.

Almost every year the kids put together a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child.

We have such a great time when we go to the store and pick out what we think would bless a child who has next to nothing. It also allows lessons for our children to learn about giving instead of always being the one receiving.

Usually one of my kids is pulling me toward something or thrusting an item at me to show me what they want me to buy for them-- so I remind them that we are shopping for someone else, someone who doesn't have very much. We try to make the trip all about what we can buy for that special child who will receive our box of gifts-- no one else.

This year we chose a boy between the ages of 10-14. We figured that this is the hardest age to buy for and the least likely to receive a shoebox. It was fun to see what I thought a boy that age would like and what my husband (who once was that age) thought a boy that age would like. In a few cases, compromise was necessary. Unfortunately we will never know who receives our shoebox, but we hope it makes them very happy and feel very loved.

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Vivian said...

i love shoebox time. our church sent over 2000 boxes. we started out years ago and over the years the church has gone wild to see how many we can get together...it is a wonderful program for God's children!