Tuesday, November 1, 2011

tuesday morning.

Today we are having a cloudy coastal day
Today we are having Oatmeal and Toast for breakfast
Today the kids want to eat candy for breakfast
Today we are on lesson 47 in our school books
Today Sophia has jazz and tap dance class
Today Pearl has a make up ballet and tap dance class
Today Pearl gets to wear her new bubble gum pink tights and princess glitter leotard
Today I am washing a very full laundry hamper
Today I want to buy some funny gourds and pine cones for church
Today I realized that Jasper's 1st birthday is in 10 days
Today I can't decide if we should go to Disneyland before the year is over
Today I need to decide if we will enter our church in a Christmas parade
Today I have to return boots I bought to the store
Today I am making our weekend plans
Today I am thankful that flag football is almost over
Today I am reading my Bible and keeping our children's Hearts (by The Maxwell's)
Today before the kids go to bed, we will continue reading Autumn with the Moody's out loud
Today I will thank God once again for my beautiful family

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Jessica said...

Love the list! : )