Saturday, December 10, 2011


Here's the 6th installment of our family Christmas lists.

To see Parker's (11) list: click here
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To see Sophia's (7) list: click here
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TO see Pearl's (4) list: click here

(Remember this includes gifts from 2 sets of grandparents.)

Lincoln (3) is a dinosaur fanatic. But he calls them 'Rah-Rahs'. His list speaks for itself. If it has a dinosaur on it, he loves it. And we wanted to make sure his presents were roaring good.

1. Fisher-Price View-Master Where the Wild Things Are Gift Set
2. Kid's Dinosaur Mesh Trucker Hat
3. The Mountain Kids Dinosaur Collage T-Shirt
4. Melissa and Doug Jumbo Coloring Pad-Blue
5. Educational Dinosaur Poster
6. Matchbox Mega Rig Jurassic Copter Building System
7. Dinosaur Pajamas
8. T-Rex Pajamas
9. Toy Story Rex Bowl
10. Nesting Robots (Land 0f Nod)
11. Geometric Dome Climber Play Center
12. Fisher-Price Imaginext Mega T-Rex

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Mrs. Lewis said...

my son used to call dinosaurs rah rahs when he was younger too! (he's 18 now )