Friday, January 20, 2012

one of those days.

I had such a wonderful day last week.

It was one of those days where I knew I needed to put everything down and just go sit outside and watch the kids play.

Each one got a sheet and we tied them to be pretend capes; Jasper sat in the swing; and Ruby and I sat under the little avocado tree pushing him while singing songs.

There was a warm breeze blowing and as I just enjoyed my 8 young children, I knew how truly blessed I was.

My children can challenge me as a Mommy. Stretch me beyond limits I knew I was capable of being stretched. Teaching me patience and revealing my weaknesses that I would rather keep hidden, but because of them and my husband, I am a better person.

A person who is learning from my own family how much more I love and need Jesus.

I have come to the point where I would never consider or could even fathom a life without God being the core of it all.

People think being saved is a life of restrictions (and unsaltiness), but they don't really know it is a life of happiness and freedom. A life with more love and clarity. A life of blessings and growth.


Nikki said...

Wow, what an absolutely stunning photo.

Nikki - blog design to change the world

Vivian said...

oh my goodness she is a cutie.
i fully agree...having our precious Jesus changes our lives. I have more fun, joy, peace, comfort then I ever had. I wasted so many years of I am reaping the rewards of acceptance.
Praise Him Praise Him Praise Him

Thoughts for the day said...

She is adorable... you are very blessed.

Jessica said...

That's a beautiful photo! I love your thoughts here as well! I came over from A Wise Woman Builds Her HOme. said...

I absolutely agree with you! God as the core of everything we do brings such joy and clarity. Very well said. Also such a cutie pie girl you have there!