Monday, January 23, 2012

what a blessing.

I know this post is gonna step on a few toes and that's ok. But I just cannot understand why a Mommy would want to leave her children for a career.

To feel the need to go back to school to pursue an advanced degree or to re-enter the work force for what they think is more important.

When did being a Mommy become such a low level calling? When did women begin to feel that raising their children to change the complexion and direction of nations was not to be considered important anymore? When did having a school teacher or nanny become more qualified to be a child's mother than their actual mom?

I love being with my children. I love the fact that I can have the most important impact on their lives.

I understand that what I am investing in them on a daily, by the minute basis is going to impact generations. That I have the opportunity to be a Deuteronomy 6:5-9 Mommy.

That my husband and children are really the people I want to spend my time with, including my spare time even when the world tells me the opposite.

I'm making world shakers and gospel takers-- true, fire-breathing disciples-- right at my own dinner table.

What a blessing.

update to comments and original post:

In a home where a husband is present, Biblical Christianity does not provide an option for a woman with young children to work outside the home and leave those children with another as a surrogate mother.

The more I think about it. The more the details come to mind. The real question is: Unless you are forced to work, why would you leave your kids? And when we ask what being 'forced' means it should be defined by something like: "my husband's an unbeliever and he's making me". Or if I don't work, my kids will starve.

It is a complex issue, but the basic statement about mothers not working is, in fact, valid.