Wednesday, January 11, 2012

only skin deep.

I'm totally obsessed with facial skin and wrinkle creams since I visited the dermatologist a couple months ago.

Today, I bought a green tea facial mask from Amazon. Pathetic-- I know.

And just yesterday, I also gave myself a lemon and sugar exfoliating facial scrub and when that wasn't enough, I convinced one of my boys (can't tell you which one) to let me try it on his face. I told him his skin would feel really clean, but Parker (oops!) had to tell me that he didn't notice any difference. What do boys know anyway.

Next time, I'll try it on Sophia. I know she will be more appreciative of the pampering.

It's one of those things I'm doing to jump on the band-wagon now that I'll be 38 in May.

I like to hear words like wrinkle free, rejuvenating, transform, diminish fine lines, youthful skin......Now if I can just find the time to stick with that big elephant, I mean, treadmill, in my bedroom, I'll lose eight, maybe ten years .


Marcy said...

LOL! I now am noticing wrinkles and using more facial "stuff" than I did before, but thanks to good genetics, I haven't had to worry about grey hair. I am 41 (ack, how did that happen!) and hope to age gracefully. Whatever that means...

Jessica said...

Oh, that post made me laugh! : )

Kim said...

I LOVE me some facial products. It's just so fun! And I hear that having babies keeps you looking young so you are definitely on the right track with that! :)

becca said...

Cute post! I know, I love getting new face things, but I think having babies keep us the most young, right? : ) And laughing alot!