Friday, January 13, 2012

meeting the midwife.

On Wednesday, I met with the midwife at my doctor's office and I'm so happy my hubby took the day off to come along.

Even after having eight baby's, she taught me so much about delivery.

Especially in regards to the choices I have.

Her words and thoughts really encouraged me that going natural again, and this time with a midwife will be the right choice for the delivery of our new baby due in Spring.

The down side is that my due date is April 10th and she's planning a one-week trip starting March 31st.

But instead of worrying about details (and things that I really have no control of), I am leaving it to God.

The other choice is worry, anxiety and wonder....what good are any of those?

I am looking to buy a book (hopefully an audio one) regarding having a natural birth from a Christian perspective. I did read (listen to) Supernatural Childbirth for Jasper's pregnancy, but if anyone has any different recommendations I would lover to hear about them.

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Nikki said...

I had not visited your blog in awhile but I always enjoy checking in on you.:)Our midwife was on vacation when our #9 was born four months ago.I think you would LOVE being home to have your babies someday.Home is such a comfy place to be.The good news is the hospital is USUALLY not far away(if there is a problem)but usually if there is going to be a problem with a homebirth you find out in enough time to get to the hospital if need be.:)Only my oldest was a hospital birth and that was due to preeclampsia.I think most problems are detected early on as long as you are seeing your midwife regularly.:)