Tuesday, January 3, 2012


A few days before Christmas I began to suffer from PCPS which is a little known phenomenon which may strike at any time during pregnancy and may even manifest itself several times during any one pregnancy. It is true that I was overcome by 'pregnancy cleaning purging syndrome'.

Just ask my family. Don't worry I didn't yell or become a mad mommy, but I just could not stop cleaning out every area in our house. We even shampooed the carpets and rugs. It felt great.

On a regular basis, I try to do a toy purge in the kid's room. This is when we turn upside-down the boys' huge lego box and dump its contents all over the floor. The boys actually love this because not only do we weed out the non-legos, but to their delight, we find, buried at the bottom, all those hidden lego pieces that they've been searching for.

Anyhow....it felt really good to do a scrub and purge before the house was overwhelmed with all the new Christmas presents which needed new homes. And with 8 precious cupcakes, as you might imagine-- that can become a little chaotic.

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Leanne said...

I wonder why we suddenly feel the overwhelming urge to clean and organize during pregnancy?? What's with that?? I've experienced that myself....so I bet you knew you are definitely not alone there!!!

Happy New Year!!