Saturday, January 14, 2012

who said it was winter?

The kids have been outside everyday from about 9:30am until the early afternoon.

The weather has been amazing for the kids to run around barefoot and for the garden to begin to bloom.

I'm not sure if we've somehow skipped the colder days of winter this year or if it is still yet to come. But weather-wise, I will say that some of the days we're having now are better than many of the summer days we had last year.

We don't mind it a bit! We welcome it.

Jasper's favorite thing to do right now is to beeline for the backdoor the minute he wakes up from his morning nap.

My favorite thing is to have lunch in the backyard-- the clean up is so much more enjoyable!


Chelsea said...

Yes to eating outside! We've had a few warmer days here on the east coast and man, you better believe I'm shooing the kiddies outside to enjoy it while it lasts!

Leanne said...

No warm days here yet...sunny ones, yes, but not warm.

We love eating outside too!

I bet you are getting excited for Baby's appearance this Spring!

By the way, I think I'm going to try that lemon and sugar facial scrub too!

thechattymommy said...

20 degrees here today.
the word envious comes to mind.... :)

Melody said...

I can't wait till late spring closer to summer is when it finally gets warm here in massachusetts, so ready to play outside with my little twinkies. Love your blog