Saturday, February 18, 2012


After posting my kid's Christmas lists which included quite a few military paraphernalia, I received a comment from one reader who was horrified and offended that I would even allow my kids to play 'war'. (They even wrote that my Christmas lists definitely did not rock... )

Besides the fact that we don't call it 'war', I figured I might lend a little insight why it is perfectly okay to let my kids play army, battle, guns, bombs and other so called 'violent' games.

I would even go one step further and suggest that this kind of thinking on her part is one of the ills affecting our society: the feminization of boys. That's right, I wrote that.

And it covers everything from men not opening doors for their women to kids not being allowed to play dodgeball on schoolyards.

Here's a few reasons as to why they should and I do:

• Someday they may have to protect their wife or children
• Someday they may be called upon to serve their country on a battlefield
• Someday you may want them to respond to your 911 call
• Someday you may want them to run into a burning building to save a life
• Someday they may need to use extreme force to stop a crime or prevent violence
• Someday you and I may want them to defend our freedom which gives others the very right to disagree with this post

This is not the same as a parent who allows their kids to play bloody video games with indiscriminate and graphic violence which desensitizes them from its brutality and horror.

Some of my kid's heroes are the men and women in our church who are enlisted in the United States Navy who teach their children's church classes and play in our worship band.

If they grow up to be like one of them because they played with guns and swords and made pretend battles in our backyard, then I'm all for it.

And may God give them the courage to stand for what's right and a willingness in their hearts to defend it even in the face of great adversity.


Duckygirl said...

I wholeheartedly agree!!


Two Sisters, Two Brothers... One Very Busy Mother said...

I totally agree...let boys be boys. As hard as it is not to worry when I see mine out playing with sticks in the yard (what if they poke and eye or impale themselves?), I remind myself that they are being boys, obeying safety rules and having a great time. I am mindful when I choose movies or books that I don't just go for the more girly main characters that would tend to interest myself and my girls, make a point of having some excellent boy-themed stories as well. Fabulous post.

Mrs.Rabe said...


You very clearly articulated much of what is wrong with our PC society. We can send our girls to war, but heaven help us if our boys play army or sword fighting!

I'm with ya, sister!


Thoughts for the day said...

This reminds me of when our son was little, and I would not let him play with guns, I felt it wasn't good for him. So when he went over to friends houses he could play with them but always had to point the gun up and not at someone. The little boys would play normally and my son would point it at the ceiling or a tree or whatever other than his friend.
NOW my son is a uniformed police officer and HAS NO CHOICE but to point at the other person. Guns are not the problem, the person holding it is the issue. The rule for an officer is this: Do what you need to do so that you can go home at night. ALIVE.

ruthyhobbs said...

Love it.

Julie said...

Amen to all of the above comments and this post!

As a Mom to four little boys, I wholeheartedly agree that our boys need to play these games and learn from heroes in battle for freedom, in service for our safety and how to be a man.

Kudos for the great post!

Jill Funkhouser said...

i am with you ! love following your blog!

Robin said...

Yep...definitely agree!! Great post!

cottensoccer said...

I could not agree more.My 11 year old has grown up playing war with his camo on and toy guns.His hero is my nephew serving in the army and on his 3rd call of duty in afghanistan.I do agree though on watching certain movies and playing bad video games though,thats a different story

Chelsea said...

100% agree. If I don't provide a foam sword for my son to do battle with, he'll choose the longest stick he can find. Or the broom handle. So I see the sword as the best option :)

Allison said...

I have been reading your blog for awhile now and have never commented. I just wanted to tell you that I agree...little boys should be tough! I have three boys ages 9, 9, and 5 they are always playing army, ninjas, etc.

Leanne said...

Thank you so so so much for standing up for boys being men. Thank you for discussing these issues on your blog. I have to say I totally, wholeheartedly agree with every single one of your points on this post. I think I had begun to despair a bit because I felt that there were no more REAL boys out There! Ha.

These are the kind of man I want my 7 daughters to marry! These are the kinds of men who are the ones who make a safe and Godly nation for us! May they rise up with courage and bravery!! And thank you for doing your God given duty to affirm that in them!