Monday, February 20, 2012

presidents' day.

We took a little trip today down south just 20 minutes away and went looking for sea creatures.

The older kids brought buckets and went sea life exploring finding everything from a giant star fish, sea slugs (so gross!), a sea urchin, different kinds of crabs, sea anemones, and snails....of course, within minutes of my husband taking our first group shot, Lincoln and Ruby fell in with the rush of a knee high wave and got soaked.

The Pacific Ocean off the southern California coast is not warm and the outside temp wasn't over 65ºF so they weren't too happy after that.

Ethan and Parker were on a mission to collect as many hermit crabs and creatures as possible while Sophia and Charlie had a terrific time jumping from rock to rock as the tide slowly went out. And Jasper felt braver than his age trying to wander out to the tide pools.

As a family, we had a great time.

On our way home, we stopped at an outdoor Naval display and had some snack pack puddings. The kids thought the rockets, missiles and fighter jets were great.

I love doing family things. Spending time watching the kids explore and run around together.

It makes this mommy heart of mine extremely content.

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Tesha said...

GREAT PICTURES Wendy, I love the one of Lincoln and Ruby looking shocked. That was probably due to the freezing water. Looks like you had fun, we wish we could have been there.