Thursday, February 9, 2012

flu be gone.

Just when I thought the flu was gone, Lincoln got hit with it last night. I honestly hate vomit-- but then again, who doesn't hate it, right? Duh. But it's way worse when the little one throwing up is 3 years old, because they don't make it to the bathroom, or the bowl. They just end up barfing all over the place.

Today, just 12 hours later, that same kid has rebounded remarkably and is running around the backyard with not a hint of last night's illness. I'm just wondering if another little one will be coming down with it next.

With all this warm weather, I have been trying to balance a lot of outside play for the cupcakes with still getting our school work done by 3pm. Somehow it's been pretty easy. The older four have finally discovered the simple formula that getting one's work done early means more play time. Victory!

So today we made a fort out of our geo dome and have some serious sword fighting challenges going on. With all the cupcakes out in the yard, I can take my time watering our newly planted vegetables-- which is my favorite thing to do right now. (Don't bug me kid, I'm having a moment...)

Tonight is the kick off to our marriage retreat and hubby and I are gonna grab a bite to eat before the evening meeting. Lucky for me-- I get to have an asada taco salad twice in one week.

This is a great start to the weekend with the bonus being that hubby has tomorrow and Monday off. Yes!

...And I ordered a few last minute maternity clothes online which started arriving last night. Gosh, I think I've died and gone to heaven.


Marla Grace said...

Uggh!! so many people have been getting that. I am blogging again. Lol. I know back and forth. We are expecting in September:) I visit often. Stop by...

Leanne said...

Looks like the weather is indeed very pretty down your way!

Asada Taco Salad? Sounds like it's Heaven in Your Mouth!

I love maternity clothes!

Sara x said...

Yes I'm so pleased to have your blog again. So excited to be catching up with all your family news. Hope the flu leaves soon, one of the joys of a larger family the sharing of their germs.