Wednesday, February 8, 2012

what's all the excitment?

I'm excited (not bitter) that since I let my husband do the gardening, (because bending and squatting isn't very fun for me right now),
our garden/yard looks better than it ever has.

I'm excited that I found my hospital pajamas and baby blanket
(on clearance for $3.69 at Ross).

I'm excited because we only have 72 days of school left
which seems like nothing to me.

I'm excited because all 'my students' are doing pretty swell in school.

I'm excited because we have had the best winter I could hope for (almost summer-like, in fact).

I'm excited because this weekend we are having a
marriage retreat at our church.

I'm excited because the new children's church rooms are finished.

I'm excited because even though I love watching my boys play basketball, the season is over till May.

I'm excited because I am trying to look past the upcoming
delivery {ouch!} of my Spring baby and keep my thoughts on holding him.

I'm excited because no matter where I look around my home
(inside & out) I really love it.

I'm excited because I had the flu last week and no one else
has seemed to catch it.

I'm excited because my hubby surprised me with a box of See's candy despite {me}
not wanting to watch how much more pregnancy weight my body gains.

I'm excited because I have been craving an asada taco salad and
had one for dinner last night.

I'm excited because I love all the ages my cupcakes are at right now.

I'm excited because even through some very difficult marriage trials,
a better marriage has followed.

I'm excited because I am in love with my children and husband.

I'm excited because they really love me too.


The Chatty Mommy said...

Love your list- I am praying for a wonderful delivery in Jesus' name - amen!

Thoughts for the day said...

Good things are coming your way, I am so glad it is good for you. Being excited about life is a great beginning.
hang in there, a new baby to love is precious.