Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I have a little story to tell....

Last week, hubby and I, along with our eight little cupcakes, were running errands together as usual.

I stayed in the van with the kids while he ran into the mall to grab a See's Candy gift certificate as a prize for our married's retreat.

It was cold out and hubby had his jacket on and zipped up. When he came back to the van, I noticed that he only had the gift card in his hand. Nothing else.

I mentioned to him that he could have at least bought me some candy. See's is my favorite after all. Ha!

Seriously-- I was kidding.

Well, maybe a little of me was serious, but not that much.

He must've known I was limiting my sugar take. He knew about those countless times when I told him that I really wanted to work on being healthy before baby comes.

But I ribbed him a little longer-- questioning and lecturing him that no matter what I said, 'it's See's candy...nuts & chews is my favorite'.

Then, out of no where, he reached into his jacket and pulled out a pound of my favorite See's candy. I laughed so hard wanting him to know that I really was kidding and didn't really expect him to buy me any. Really.

But he wouldn't buy it and laughed back that I ruined his surprise.