Wednesday, February 1, 2012

pregnancy post.

Tomorrow, I have another check up with the mid-wife.

This pregnancy has been very uneventful so far-- which I count as a blessing.

I also started walking on the treadmill again this week. Just like last year, I prefer to call it natural childbirth training. Somehow it helps.

With only 10 more weeks to go, I want to do something to get ready for the baby, but since this will be our ninth little blessing, there really isn't much to do.

Hubby and I kinda have the whole setting up the baby paraphernalia thing down. I don't panic like I used to when the swing or whatever piece of baby equipment isn't set up yet. And with my last baby having been a boy as well, I pretty much have everything I need.

The only thing I'll splurge on this time around is a couple of new pairs of pajamas for the hospital. Since I'll only want to stay one night, I really only need two pairs. Easy.

And my new plan this time (fingers crossed) is to stay home during my contractions as long as possible before heading to the hospital.

One other neat thing is that my due date is April 10th and hubby has April 1-8th off for spring break. Not to mention that Easter is the 8th. I wonder when baby will decide to come. An Easter Sunday baby perhaps? We'll just have to wait and see...


Amy said...

Hi there,
I enjoy reading your blog as I come from a large family and it is interesting to me to read about other big families. I only have three of my own but I think I read somewhere we are the same age, 37.
Anyways, It was fun to see this post and how you are preparing for the ninth and seem so relaxed. I was so uptight preparing for my third! Your blog is an inspiration!

Mrs. Lewis said...

one thing that helps me when i give birth -i have had 7 natural births, 5 at home-- is to imagine the pain away. like one time when the contraction got to be too much . i imagined taking my uterus out of my body and slamming it against the wall. sounds crazy now but it worked then!!
another time i memorized scripture and kept repeating it during contractions.i had to concentrate on remembering the next line so it distracted me a little.
since you like the treadmill, maybe you could imagine walking away or ahead of the pain when you are in labor. ya know- imagine actually being on it and walking faster and faster, away. i hope i don't sound crazy- i just hope it helps :)