Thursday, February 2, 2012

some things.

Some things I have learned or am currently learning as a Mommy:

1. My marriage and walk with God are the two most important things my children will witness.
2. Don't cry over spilt milk. That's for me, not my children.
3. My husband and I are the ones who are accountable to teach our children about Jesus and God's word. Not the Sunday school teacher.
4. My children will worship God how I worship God. That is why my young'uns should be in church with me during song service.
5. My kids need to see me reading my Bible. Everyday. And loving it.
6. Playing worship music really loud in my home bringing in the presence of God can change the whole atmosphere.
7. Teaching my kids to serve in this order of priority: Jesus first, others second, and yourself last will bring them a lifetime of contentment.
8. Making church a priority in my family has birthed a love in my children's hearts for God's house.
9. Having my children serve in church has brought great fulfillment deep in my heart.
10. By trusting my husband, I am ultimately trusting God.
11. The more I contend for God in my marriage, the more I desire to fill myself with Jesus and to grow even closer to His presence.
12. The more I desire God the more satisfied I am in whatever present state I am in.


~Rhen @yestheyareallmine said...

I love playing praise and worship music during the day. It really helps to keep our hearts singing and our attitudes upbeat!

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Leanne said...

LOOOOVE this post!

And Amen to every single thing you said, but especially that Mama and Daddy are responsible for teaching the kids about God, NOT the sunday school teacher!!

Keep the goodness coming!

Kristina said...

Saying Hello from the link up @ The Wiegand's :)


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Love, Love, Love your header! How clever!