Thursday, March 29, 2012

birthday, baby & break.

I have nothing too exciting to share today.

I notice that each time I get close to having a sweet baby I kinda disappear from my blog.

I seem to be changing with each birth. Perspectives and matters of the heart become different.

Yesterday was my husband's birthday. My best friend. Bestest friend.

Me and his 8 littles kiddos threw him a grand party. Just the 10 of us.

Balloons, home made party hats, pizza, cake, poems, cards, a skit about being the best Daddy in the world....

He felt loved. I know. I could see it on his face. His heart was full.

I really mean it when I say I thank God for him. I couldn't imagine this life without him.

We visited the midwife this week together. She mentioned that I am 1 cm and soft.

Doesn't really mean much except I will be having a baby soon.

That's obvious.

My Mom brought my Cupcakes 2 boxes of chalk and we have pretty much used it all.

They are addicted. A good addiction. Little artists.

We only have 39 more days of school. But that probably will end up being 29 more days.

The last lessons are usually review that my children really don't need.

Spring break starts tomorrow afternoon.

That makes me happy too.

Have I told you I think Jasper may be a genius?
I really think so.


Tesha said...

I love the Pics, your house looks so pretty. I miss you blogging, but understand. I would much rather be preparing for a baby then blogging.
Praying for a easy and safe delivery.

Leanne said...

Sweet. So precious.

I look forward to you introducing your new Cupcake to us very soon!

Take care!

Vivian said...

i fully understand. you have a life outside of the blog world. with that said...we love you and your family..and we are praying for an easy delivery and a very healthy baby.
take care...we will keep checking in to see pictures of the next little cupcake.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Enjoy your break, the birth, the family. These are the precious memory making days....

Remember we are all waiting to hear weather the girls will be catching up to the boys or not!