Friday, March 30, 2012

in no hurry.

After watching a few natural childbirth videos, I have decided to just let the little baby in my tummy 'occupy' that space as long as he would like.

The funny part is, I've already had a childbirth with no pain medications and pitocin at the same time. And all things point to the fact that pitocin has been known to make the contractions significantly worse (more intense) than they normally would be without it.

Last weekend my hubby and I got some reading done in our new Bradley Childbirth books. He even got me to practice the methods they give you. I am practicing relaxation techniques daily and even fell asleep during one. It might have had to do with the rain though. I love when it rains. It makes everything look so beautiful and makes me so content. My kids will think of any reason to get outside to play in it.

The midwife leaves on a week vacation starting tonight. But my hubby is home all next week. I'm glad I'm not in charge of when baby comes.

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Tesha said...

We are Praying for a safe, easy delivery for you. You can do it!!!!