Saturday, April 14, 2012

howdy pardner.

Charlie has been asking for a partner. Parker has Lincoln. Ethan has Jasper. Sophia has Ruby.

Unfortunately we couldn't fill his order, but God did in His own perfect timing.

Charlie was super excited before little River's arrival because he knew that his birth would mean that he would now have a buddy.

So now that baby is here, Charlie gets to help me with River in so many ways. It could be anything from holding him, giving him a binky when fussing, checking on his every whimper... he does these things not because his Mommy asked him, but because he feels blessed to have a baby in our home who he can help care for in any way he's able.

And this makes Charlie feel even more special than he already is.


Thoughts for the day said...

Just precious... love the long hair on little one and your other children are JUST adorable. God's blessing be with you always.

Tesha said...

I just love the sweet pics. River looks so tiny in Parker's arms. Charlie is a great big brother:)