Friday, April 13, 2012

a little about today.

I know I've mentioned it a million times, but I really do love rainy days.

I love looking out my front window at all the colorful flowers in my garden while the rain comes down. Then something will be said from one of my children like Parker about how he wishes we all lived in the Garden of Eden.

Today is the perfect day to be inside--with the lights low, rain pouring down with lightning and thunder and a little newborn snug in his blanket.

River has been a wonderful little baby.

He only wants to sleep and snuggle which I am more than happy about. He seems to be nursing about every three hours and at times I even need to wake him up to feed him.

He's a far cry from a few of the baby's I've had with colic or who wanted to nurse every hour. So for me to say that River is really just perfect is not an exaggeration.

And I have already been asked multiple times if he's going to be our answer.....what ever God wants.


Tesha said...

Yes I love the rain also. SO glad to hear River is doing so well, What a blessing to have an easy baby :)

Leanne said...

Yes, easy babies are blessings.

But the biggest blessing: your attitude and your soft heart toward what God wants for your family! It strengthens our family when we see more families who are like that!!

Praise God!!

(we're actually having a sunny day here!! it seems like our weathers are reversed!)

Vivian said...

he is a very cute baby...and wow he has a head full of hair!

Marla Grace said...

Absolutely beautiful! Love it!