Saturday, May 26, 2012

9 little indians.

Around here we give out Indian names
The kids beg to hear them at dinner time
It's really fun
The truth is that we have
Native American heritage
on my Mom's side

Parker: Big Bear, Brave of Braves, Brave who Protects Many
Ethan: Brave with Many Ideas, Brave of Great Vision
Sophia: Dances with Wolves, Little Quick Fox
Charlie: Brave of Great Strength, Brave with Many Muscles
Pearl: Little Bear, Little Sneaky Bear, Little Momma Bear
Lincoln: Screaming Eagle, Big Rah Rah, Sharp Teeth
Ruby: Laughing Fox, Little Moogie, Brook who Giggles
Jasper: Brave who Reaches Heights, Little Friendly Bear
River: Little Dark Brave, Brave of Truth, Little Wood Elve


Vivian said...

how cute! River should have a name like...little brave with lots of hair hahaha!!

Tesha said...

Love all the names, they are perfect fits :)