Thursday, May 24, 2012

give a little piece of your heart {link up}.

There's nothing more fulfilling, nothing that makes my heart swell with joy and gratitude more than seeing one of my children respond to God's grace and the gift of Salvation.

At the close of Wednesday night's service, my husband gave an invitation to make a decision for Christ as he does at the end of every service--and he was a little bit surprised to see a certain hand raised in the air... it was Parker, our oldest son.

Now Parker has grown up in the church, got saved and was baptized as a young boy after making his own personal decision, and has been a wonderfully obedient and hard working his whole life.

But he told us that after hearing us talk about seeing his Papa again in heaven, he said that he wanted to make sure that he was gonna see him again too and be with all of us.

I know he was saved before, but I'm greatly encouraged that as a maturing young man, he's still on the right path and has a heart that's receptive to God's gentle hand.

I guess that this is really what being a mommy is all about.

When I question whether or not I'm really fulfilling God's purpose for my life-- through the frustrating days of homeschooling, when it seems like nothing I say is being heard, when no one is following directions-- then I see that it's all been worth it. I will impact the world for Christ-- one child at a time.

Within the typical day or week so much occurs that is insignificant,
only lasts for a moment or is thankfully forgettable.

Ugly, dull, irritating, tedious moments surround us,
yet nestled somewhere in the midst of them,
Heaven speaks to us and brightens our day.

"Give a little piece of your heart" is a
link up for you to share one of those moments:

An epiphany arrived in the darkest hour,
an inspiration guiding you in God's purpose,
a ray of sunshine that touches your heart
as you look across a garden,
or a peaceful moment in the quiet of the early morning
with a little one nestled in your lap and a hot cup of coffee in your hand.

It really could be anything-- it just has to be significant.

This is what {giving a little piece of your heart} is.

Share a thought, a picture, a story
giving us all a glimpse into your heart.

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Tesha said...

That is wonderful about Parker! I know that Jimmy went up a couple of times around 12 or 13 think they become aware the need a savior over and over :) It warm my heart to know Parker's spirit is so sensitive to the spirit of God!

Kathy said...

Such happy news! Parker is an incredible young man :)

Vivian said...

so happy for Parker...and for you as parents to witness God working in your young children!

Brenda said...

I hardly ever see pics of you on this blog. Now I know your oldest son looks like you! Most of the others look just like your husband! I have never seen a group of siblings look so much like each other. :) You have a beautiful family...