Wednesday, May 30, 2012

just a few things i should laugh at.....

After trying all morning and finally getting River to sleep, I got a minute to jump on the treadmill-- then the neighbor kids came over and I didn't want to be working out with them playing in the back yard. You see, the treadmill is on the backyard porch and I could not possibly have them see me.

Dieting isn't fun when you're nursing and have to eat lots of calories to keep your milk supply up.

Drinking lots of water is hard when all I can think about is coffee to keep me awake after nursing baby every three hours at night.

How am I supposed to put sunblock on my kids when there's 9 of them and they all seem to get wet before I can get my hands on the sunscreen.

It's nice to finally have a afternoon to run family errands, but then Jasper decides to play quietly in his crib for the two hours of his nap and finally falls asleep when it's time to leave.

Why do I have to keep telling my kids to stop splashing each other because it is making their siblings scream when they're all in the pool? Aren't they in there to get wet anyway?

No one seems to appreciate having clean clothes in their drawers.

I can't understand you when you are hysterical because I don't know what you're saying?

It could be a rough morning when your husband accidentally spills your first cup of coffee all over the baby's car seat (minus the baby) and then your toddlers jump on the couch and spill your second cup 10 minutes later.


Mercy D'souza said...

Better to laugh than cry, especially over the desperately-needed spilled coffee.

And let me know if you figure out why kids in the pool don't like to get splashed. I need a solution to that one. :)

Piece-of-Cake Parent said...

Oh boy!! and girl! Maybe a travel coffee mug would be a great solution for home use, additionally it would help keep your java hotter :)

Brenda said...

may i suggest those bottles of lawn fertilizer that hook up to your water hose---only filled with sunscreen? :)

Chelsea said...

Oh girl. This ALL happens to me, and I only have four kiddos! (age 4 and under mind you) I have to remind myself daily that I won't remember a thing about how clean the house was in 10 years but the snuggles on the couch with my newborn? Those days are numbered.

Don't have any advice for avoiding the spilled coffee. I've tried travel mugs instead but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Maybe spray sunscreen would be the key? Just put a good dose on them as they're coming down for breakfast and the job's done :)