Thursday, June 28, 2012

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I just love being a Mommy.

I just love being a Mommy to a large bunch.

I love being a Mommy to my own tribe of indians so close in age.

I love that my husband and I are still trusting God with our family planning even with nine homegrown wild ones.

I love that because of them-- I wake up wanting to be a better Mommy today than I was yesterday and the day before that.

I love that because of Jesus I can thank Him for what I have now.

I love thinking about who I was before I asked Him into my heart and who I have become since He has been King over my life.

I love to think about the question 'how do you do it?' and I love the answer that Philipians 4:13 provides.

I love knowing my husband was God's best for me.

I love living transparently, not trying to hide the struggles our marriage had so that it could become the marriage we have now.

I love where I live, who I am and what I have all because I am a child of God pursuing His plan for my life.

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Monica said...

That was beautiful. I just love large families. I hope the Lord has that plan for me. (Stopping in from Embrace the Camera)

Brianna Bell said...

your family is so beautiful!! I'm going to have to stop by your blog again when I have a bit more time.. (found you on embrace the camera)

Jen said...

I think I could have written this exact post today! I have seven little ones, and we're still trusting here, too! :) ::happy sigh::

Boni Lady said...

Stumbled upon your blog thanks to Emily Anderson :)
When I had my twins 3 years ago, my kids were 0,0,1,and 3...everyone told me how crazy I was, but I LOVE my life...I LOVE my kids... and I ABSOLUTELY love the looks and comments I get for having my kids so close in age... and for having 4 of them! God bless you and your family and ALL of your amazing kiddos!

Nicole said...
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Emily said...

I think that this is amazing! So few families trust God with their "family planning" and I definitely respect those who do! :)