Wednesday, June 27, 2012

today, ruby & backyard lights.

In honor of Ruby's 3rd birthday {July 9th}, we {all 11 of us} ran a little errand to Home Depot to buy some things needed to build a bigger sand box.

We decided to turn the existing sand box that now resides in our {cottage} vegetable garden into a pumpkin patch.

This means that my little hard working elves and the master slave driver are going to move tons of sand to the new and bigger sand box under our little avocado tree out back.

This way we figured that the 'littles' wouldn't be tempted to pick all our new fruits and veggies while they're on that side of the house-- especially our new {ripe & unripe} tomatoes.

And as any good Mommy would, I figured that with a new and improved sand box we had to add Target to our errand in order to buy some new sand toys for our birthday girl & siblings. I wanted to spread the fun around.

And of course, while shopping in Target and since our anniversary is coming up soon, Chris & I invested in some outdoor patio string lights with the big bulbs to add some night time ambiance for our back yard date nights... oooh la la!


Leanne said...

Of course! Might as well cover all the bases, right?!

That's just so logical and it's how I'd do it too!

River is yummy!

I'm jealous of your veggies, especially your tantalizing cucumbers!!

Keep the great posts coming!

Christina Morley said...

I found you on the Thursday Blog Hop. It's always nice to meet up with other Christian mom bloggers. Your family is beautiful!

I'm now following you through GFC. I'm a mom of 4 with 5 blogs. Please check out my parenting blog based on my youngest at
and if you have a chance, visit my other blogs listed as my other links.

God bless!

Katherines Corner said...

a bigger sandbox, a new veggie garden, a birthday and outdoor lighting. It all sounds just perfect! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop Linky Party. I hope you have a wonderful weekend xo P.S. I'm having a party at Katherines Corner today and you are invited!

raisingahappyfamily-momof8 said...

haha..I know that feeling...I send my kids...they stick to the list exactly!!! congrats on all your new stuff...have fun!!!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
happy birthday to your kids!

Anna @ Feminine Adventures said...

Sounds like a very fun shopping trip! Love getting to DIY as a family.

Thanks so much for linking up at Thrifty Thursday!