Wednesday, June 20, 2012

a homemade poem to daddy.

We’re gonna say a poem for you
You might like a thing or two

Hey Hey Hey
We have a great Daddy

We have so much fun with him
He causes our days never to be grim

You are very very smart
You race with us using a shopping cart

You’re stronger than an ox
And wrestle quicker than a fox

You love us very much
You make us a happy bunch

You are like a shooting star
And can throw a football far
We think it is bizarre
You’re not an NFL superstar

Even though you once worked in a bar
That’s not you anymore by far

We know you love Jesus Christ
Because you are so nice

You are the world’s best dad
Who never wants to see us sad

So you always drive us in your car
This list is not everything by far

Dance lessons, Mommy’s errands, Basketball
You sure do love us all

We love you for all that you do
All those days you ran home from school

You taught us to praise God together
And we will cherish that forever

Happy Father’s Day

Written By:

Parker (12)
Ethan (9)
Sophia (7)
Charlie (6)

Our Father's Day celebration was truly adorable. After the reading of their poem, the kiddos put on a fabulous skit showing how they think their Daddy is a superhero by acting out all the super things he does for them. Of course, that's when they presented their card to him and each read why they love Daddy. The best part of it all was how much the kids really enjoyed honoring him.

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