Monday, June 25, 2012

over the weekend.

What a fun weekend we had!

The Bigs went with Daddy early Saturday morning to a big fundraiser for our mother church's medical trips to Africa. To them, the best part about it this year was that they were able to work their station representing Burkina Faso with their cousins.

Cousins always make things more fun.

While they were at that event, I stayed home with the younger kids or what we call the 'Littles'.

Both Sophia and Pearl had to go to their dance classes since they have their big recital next Saturday. Don't worry-- 'dance mom' does not even come close to describing me...Only kidding.

I also took advantage of the time to go to a local nursery and buy a few herbs for my garden. I don't know that they'll ever find their way to our dinner table, but I bought curry, cilantro, and Greek oregano. I guess we'll see.

We also constructed an improvised cucumber ladder using some old lattice for our sprawling cukes to ascend.

OOOOOHHHHH-- I almost forgot: When I went out on Friday morning for a doctor's appointment and to run a few errands, the kids and Chris cleaned the house.

It REALLY needed it, and believe me, they REALLY cleaned. All the floors, the walls, the baseboards, behind the dressers, under the beds, the mirrors, the stove, inside the couches, all the shelves and bookcases, the pictures on the wall, the fan blades, under my king bed, the bathroom-- everything. And they were pretty proud of it too.

We also had fun Sunday, but I'll write more about that later.


Diane Bailey said...

beautiful family, sweet memories. coming by from a Holy Experience

Mrs.Rabe said...

They cleaned the house and so well! That is awesome!