Tuesday, June 26, 2012

how we got his name.

I mentioned previously (before revealing what his name really was...) that I came to River's name while singing 'The Revelation Song' during worship in our church.

I don't want to sound hyper-spiritual and say 'God spoke to me', but suffice it to say that the Holy Spirit definitely moved me toward his name through this line: "Jesus, Your Name is power, breath and living water." And then I knew-- his name would be River.

Another significant part of this is that during this time, I was still mourning the death of my father.

Worship was a bittersweet experience for me-- missing my Dad and yet rejoicing as God reminded me over and over that he was with Him.

The promise of eternal life, the picture of the River of Life spoken of in Ezekiel flowing out from the from the Temple-- knowing that Jesus is the Living Water and that River's name would always remind me of this brings me great comfort and joy.

click here to see Jasper & his name plaque


Kathy said...

Wendy, I love hearing how River got his name. I love the combination of the "promise of eternal life and picture of the River of Life" you shared-that is beautiful. He's so cute :)

Thoughts for the day said...

He is so precious. Just adorable.

Judith said...

Wendy he is adorable and I love the name, River, and how you thought of it. Blessings on your family and enjoy them as they will be grown before you know it!!

I am visiting from A Wise Woman Builds Her House.

Anonymous said...

I love his name and thank you for sharing the story on how it came to you! Happy Wednesday!


Kelly-Marie said...

What a beautiful story to how you came up with his name .. p.s he so adorabley cute x x

Emily Kate said...

So sweet, he'll love to hear that story when he's older. So handsome!:)

MG Atwood said...

What a doll! He will bring so much joy to your life. I love River.

Sylvia said...

Hello. It's nice to meet you! I have 9 cuppy cakes too, but they are 35 and under! The youngest is 10. We just spread them out over a few more years! Blessings to you and your beautiful family!

Lori said...

Beautiful! Love his name!

thanks so much for sharing with Foto Friday!


andrea grace said...

I love when parents have a special meaning or story to their children's names. Both of mine do too:)