Monday, August 20, 2012

busy as a bee.

We have been one busy family. Good busy.

Everything from fitting doctor and dentist appointments in before school starts to signing up for new sport activities.

From taking out windows and learning to do stucco to getting a new computer as a gift and using it to make Lego and backyard war movies.

From listening to new music CDs to going on outreach.

From hosting and running a free kids craft booth at our local festival to church dessert night.

From serious house cleaning to scheduled church cleaning.

From late night restaurant dinner eating with the church after revival service to watching people get miraculously healed in church right before our eyes.

From friends coming back from deployment to winding down our Summer adventures.

We are enjoying it all and my laundry hamper never seems to be empty.

River is a growing chunk of love and Jasper has become a fearless spoiled rooster of the house.

The weather has been hot and our new kitten 'Cupcake' is the best new addition.

We found out that Lincoln is our 'animal whisperer'.

Daddy is heading back to his other job in a couple weeks. Can't you hear the kids crying? And Mommy wailing?

Life is good and God is great.


Leanne said...

I do love busy, it makes the days go by faster!

Boo for Daddy's "other" job.

I always get such a good, strong feeling when I read about your boys. They are going to be courageous, stalwart men of God someday.

I can sympathize with never seeing the bottom of your laundry too!

Have a great rest of your summer!

myfavoritethingsem said...

I never noticed your header before. "Love grows in little houses." So true! We lived in a 1100 sq ft house last year and had to go even smaller when we had landlord troubles. God blessed us with a rent free house for the time being. We are learning to love this little 750 sq ft we are in now. Did I mention we are a family of 10, soon to be 11? :-0

Kriss said...

I agree! We started out with an 1100 square foot home, adopted three children and had to add on!! -Kriss (