Tuesday, August 21, 2012

a day at the museum.

My kid's have been wanting to visit our local military museum.

Actually I have.

It was great because Parker has been heading down the road to joining the Sea Cadets.

Little things like this inspire him. And make the rest of us thankful for our freedom.

We even got a private tour.

Of course, their favorite part of the museum was the the Latrine our soldiers may use while out on deployment.

And the field trip was only a five minute drive.


Magdalena said...

Nice blog!
you have a beautiful family!


Lori said...

Many memories of Sea Cadets, my son was in the program over 5 years in No. Indiana. Marc went on to the Air Force after high school (he was JROTC Air Force). Four months before he was to be sent off to Afganistan he was injured on base and medically released. Marc is now persueing a degree in Criminal Justice and has applied for the local fire dept. Sadly my deepest worry was that Marc would not come home, as you may remember it was my eldest son Michael I lost March of last year to a reckless driver, Mikie was 27.Life is never going to be the same without my son. Yes, for the Sea Cadets it was a wonderful experience for my son Marc. Lori