Thursday, August 2, 2012

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My children are amazing to me.

The way they love God. Make Jesus their compass.

Chris and I were reading in our devotional the other day about a husband and wife finding that place were they can 'ponder together'. I love that Chris and I find that quiet time when we walk in our garden. We enjoy talking, sharing and having that time together.

It might sound silly, but we enjoy that time together. We appreciate it. When Chris sees me strolling the garden enjoying the flowers, he seems to drop whatever he's doing and join me. I like that.

Watching my children eating popsicles as they drip down their arms while playing with the hose brings joy to my day.

Holding River to feed him helps me refresh my soul.

I want to make my husband happy. Happier than yesterday and the day before that. I like when I can make him laugh. It's usually at my expense and I think that is pretty fun.

My children are amazing, smart and beautiful. What Mommy doesn't think that about her children though? Being away from my babies for any length of time is ----- torture.

I am still learning that when my kids are having a good time, being kids and getting really loud singing and laughing, it's really important for me to let them. Being part of a large family is a blessing.

And I want my weaknesses to become my strengths. Transformed. More Jesus. Less me.


Holly said...

This is so great! You have a wonderful family!

Thoughts for the day said...

SO wonderful. I am happy and glad for you.