Wednesday, August 1, 2012

16 cousins & 2 birthdays.

Last Friday, we got together with Chris' brother's family to celebrate two birthdays on the 28th: Sophia and her cousin Spencer. We met at a local water park as the backdrop for our 9 children and their 7 children to have some good family fun.

We don't get to see each other as much as we would like because we live a couple hours from each other. The kids write pen pal letters to each other on a regular basis and talk about spending more time together.

When they're together they are each other's best friend because everyone has someone their age to play with-- it's a good match.

We stayed at the water park for 4 hours and I enjoyed every second of it... Even with the sunburn I got on my shoulders. Ouch. But I did put suncreen on the kiddos. That's typical though.

My highlight every year we go is seeing our newest walker enjoy the wading pool. It's hilarious how wild they go in the water. This year it was Jasper and he had no fear. His name should be Brave Little Bear.

After the swim park, Parker left to stay at his cousin's house for four days. You should have seen the tears as the leader of our pack got in his Uncle's van! He returned yesterday to a hero's welcome. The cousins all stayed for a few hours and we enjoyed lunch in the back yard. The kids were in every part of the house and yard. It was great!


Thoughts for the day said...

HOW fun and wonderful memories too, you are a great family.

Nicole Marie said...

Look's like a lot of fun!!