Thursday, August 9, 2012

Give a Little Piece of Your Heart {Link Up}.

Whats on my heart?

Dreams about my Dad.

Completely over people who play games.

Encouragement for my children's ambitions.

On fire for my church and Jesus.

Still praying big for that church building.

Faith to be healed of my new find that I have a mild form of degenerative disc disease.

Faith my husband will be healed of his 'umbilical hernia' at our revival coming up.

Fear that comes and goes with the job of being a Mommy.

Peace how I am raising and teaching my children.

Inspired by the Olympics.

Hoping my children are inspired from the Olympics.

In love with my husband.

Starting a family Bible study for the month of August on the power of our words.

And a Bible study with my daughters called the Secret Keepers.

Reading 'Six Ways to Keep the 'Good' in Your Boy' by Dannah Gresh.

Never wanting Summer vacation to end.

Sad my husband will be going back to his other job in a month. Can't even think about it.

Having a beautiful vacation with the most important people in my life.

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