Friday, August 10, 2012

Vacation in a Nutshell {via cell phone}.

living large at the pool

life's tough on vacation

the wild

stocking up at walmart

mommy's duh

seven little monkeys on a pool break

the littles on a turtle-hunting-safari



kickin' it smoothie style
counting kids

life rearranged


Kristina said...

Happy InstaFriday! I'm your newest fan. :) Please check out my blog if you have the chance.


Malory Holmes said...

Stoppin' by from Life Rearranged :) Great family vaca pics and such a cute family!!! Looks like y'all had a great time!

blm said...

Visiting via Life Rearranged/InstaFriday.

Your vacation looks wonderful! We get worn out by our 5-year-old, I cannot imagine how you and your husband do it with 9 munchkins--amazing!

B at Then There Was We

myfavoritethingsem said...

Just started following your blog and wanted to say hi! You have a beautiful family.