Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Happy Little Family.

With all the schedules set, we are ready to start school.

We chose ABEKA once again.

Makes things very easy.

We decided a while ago that we will only use faith based curriculum for our kids.

That's just the way we decided to do it.

Chris visited the Surgeon about his hernia. They will be calling him with a scheduled surgery date (deep sigh).

Chris taught Parker and Ethan how to mow the lawn. Ethan begged to be taught. And all the while Chris is singing the victory song.

Ruby is completely potty trained and hasn't had an accident. Jasper has been watching the whole process and has asked to go 'peeepee on the potty' too. Love it!

That big gardening day took place yesterday and I have been watering my flowers like a crazy woman. My flowers, how I love my flowers.

Pearl picked a red hot pepper off Parker's Santa Fe chile pepper plant without telling anyone and absentmindedly rubbed her face afterward-- her eyes, her lips... Must I even mention what it was like when she started screaming. Chris came to the rescue flushing her eyes and face with cold water in the bathroom sink followed with ice cubes and ibuprofen. Wow, did it work.

Lincoln continues to amaze us with his 'animal whisperer' skills. Who would have known the child nicknamed stinkin' Lincoln would have such a way with animals. Such a gentle boy.

River went to the doctor and got his 4 month check up and vaccines. He weighed 16 lbs 11 oz and 27 in. He is such a fun baby. If anyone talks to him, they get a huge smile right back. What does he love? Attention, lot's of it. He appreciates it.

We are still having a battle with Charlie's skin. Ugh! Sometimes we finally get a handle on it and the next day it's a bad case of raw-itchy-red-skin. I refuse to use cortizone. Charlie refuses to give up, praying over it.

And my little Miss Sophia has danced her way up to the next level of dance classes.

I am a proud Momma.

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