Monday, August 27, 2012


School hasn't started for us yet. We are waiting for Daddy to start first. We are enjoying the last days of our Summer vacation. Holding onto our days with him.

One day last week I started doing 'teacher prep day'. That's what Chris called it.

I cleaned and purged the school room which led to the kitchen counters which led to the inside of my cabinets. Once again I have a thrift store drop off pile. I love those.

I love eliminating and organizing. Makes me feel like I've accomplished some things.

Chris has a couple of projects he wants to complete before heading back to school and I want to do a big gardening day which has been neglected since we left on vacation.

We have been brainstorming on church events for this Fall. My creative imagination is gearing up.

This year-- a House of Horrors.

Chris met an older teenager that he began to invite to church out on outreach and she said that she knows what church he's from. That she attended our House of Horrors a couple of years ago and it changed her life ever since.


And on the home front, our pumpkin patch is getting so big it has outgrown the vegetable box we planted it in. I bought the book Unglued and can't wait to read it. The kids sports for this season are in full effect.

Parker is signed up for our military base swim team and sea cadets.
Ethan and Charlie are ready to start flag football season.
Sophia and Pearl are staying in dance.
And the 'Littles' are just plain busy getting their hands into everything else.

I love my Summer days, but I do appreciate the smells and thoughts of Fall coming upon us.

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Eryn said...

That picture of Lincoln praying is perhaps the sweetest picture I've seen on your blog and there are many many sweet ones! Little man of the lord in training. ;)