Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Last Hurrah.

One of the last items on our Summer 'to do' list (maybe it was really just on Daddy's list) was to launch some rockets.

We had used some 40 and 50% coupons from Michaels to get some model rockets last month and now that the summer days had evaporated so quickly, we had nearly run out of time.

So into the van we went-- in search of a local launch site and an open field big enough to recover our rockets.

The kids had a fit when Daddy pulled off the paved road in our 15 passenger van and began heading down the dirt roads of a sod farm.

It was beautiful. Perfect, flat, green grass everywhere. The kids wanted to know if we were going to be arrested.

Our first attempt was a failure-- somehow our igniter was a dud.

Kids began to get restless thinking that the whole thing was pretty lame. Until-- our first rocket lifted off.

The kids went bonkers and chased it a quarter mile away. One worker on a tractor came by and only commented that those were some pretty cool toys.

So much for getting kicked off.

{taking pictures with their Nintendos aka No-friendos}

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