Wednesday, September 26, 2012

ten things we've been doing:

1. Daddy preaching at a youth rally and Sunday morning service in San Diego

2. Daddy, Parker and Charlie spending the weekend together eating late night burritos and lunch time Sushi

3. Mommy and the super 7 going to church without Daddy...weird...really weird

4. Buying and popping Royal Bee Jelly capsules for Chris and me

5. Giving my {older} children 100% Raw Organic Manuka Honey

6. Obsessing and dying over all things Shea Terra Organics

7. Brainstorming for our House of Horrors. Exciting!

8. Having a chemical surgery on my face. Felt like being tormented in Hell. No lie.

9. Potlucking with the other swim team families

10. Whipping up fruit {no ice cream} smoothies for all {everyday}

And hating the new blogger dashboard. Ugh. Makes me not wanna write posts.

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