Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Birthday

Today we celebrated Charlie
Our newly turned seven year old
He had a 6am breakfast at Denny's with Daddy
This was Charlie's pick
Later during dinner, we all reminisced about what he was like 
when he was born
And any other story about him 
that we wanted to share 
Each one of us took a turn telling
Charlie what we love about him
He heard about the time Chris 
took his training wheels off--
In less than an afternoon
Charlie was riding his little bike like a pro 
He also mentioned that he'll never give up his
blanket because he plans on giving it to his children
good idea
I guess that's just how Charlie is:
He's sweet, thinking of others before himself, and he's tough, willing to fight his way through to the end. He bridges gaps between the different ages in our house and with people. His middle name means: Repairer of the Breach.
And he likes to cuddle with his Mommy

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