Friday, December 28, 2012

What did I do today?

Ate bagels with the kids for breakfast.
Had blood drawn for baby #10 pregnancy with the whole family in tow.
Bought a new farm style table to fit my family {soon to be 12 next Summer}.
Went sofa {window} shopping with Hubby.
Went on a Home Depot shopping adventure with all the kids and Hubby.
Little's had art hour.
Cleaned up art hour's scraps all over the floor.
Witnessed a very dirty dog pile in the boy's room.
Met a woman who was the youngest in a family of eight who inspired me.
Got a cute little lamp for me and hubby's bedroom dresser.
Loved on River several times.
Thought up some new baby names for the bun in the oven.
Looked at the pictures on my camera and realized there are many things I haven't journaled about on my blog.
Tasted Ethan's newly invented homemade salsa that reminded me of salsa from one of my favorite places to eat: Tito's Tacos.
Helped the Bigs make a commercial for Ethan's salsa.
Prayed for Jasper's owwies.
Had a great salmon dinner prepared by Hubby and the Bigs.
Looking forward to playing Star Wars Monopoly tomorrow with some very competitive children.


Vivian said...

happy to see you back..oh how i have missed seeing those cute cupcakes!
have a wonderful New Year..I am still praying for your church and a new place for 2013!

A Romantic Porch said...

You are such an amazing woman. I love to read what you write. AND I'm super excited to see that you are expecting baby #10. I am #10 in my family!!!!! I just know I'm going to enjoy reading all about this one too even more!

Take care of yourself.
xo rachel
P.S. Did I ever tell you that my mother was a pastor's wife also?