Saturday, January 12, 2013

2012's last shots.

Every year my Mom holds our family Christmas party at her house-- here’s a few munchkins grabbing seconds on desserts and Parker doing a special song he learned.

Daddy took the Bigs on outreach to Candy Cane Lane and Sophia just had to be photographed with these giant snowmen.

The kids are always dying to paint something, so Daddy set them up to stain our new farmhouse dinner table. When it was done, Parker and Daddy ‘installed’ it. We were so excited to eat on it!

One of our big, new gifts was an electric drum set that Grammy helped buy. All the kids LOVE it. We may end up with 10 drummers in the house-- including Daddy!

We’ve had such cold weather this year and our heater wasn’t working properly. So after talking with several people, Jasper helped Daddy fix it and we’ve been so toasty ever since.

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