Friday, January 11, 2013

out to lunch & a carpenter.

In the beginning of December, our pastor preached at our church and afterwards, we all went out to lunch with him, his wife, and his mom.

You should’ve seen all the heads turning when we walked into a local seafood joint in the harbor.

What a scene.

The kids loved it.


With Christmas approaching, Ethan, our 2nd in command, caught the fever-- for giving gifts.

If he couldn’t buy his siblings presents, then why not make them Christmas presents?

He was determined and every day for hours for two weeks, Ethan was in the back yard carving, cutting, sawing and sanding as he made gifts.

It really warmed my heart to see him doing that for his brothers and sisters.

God bless him!

And by the way, he also made a box out of redwood planks to hold everyone’s boots for the back yard.

Good thing he has his Daddy, because I would’ve never let him go near that saw!

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Kelli said...

He did an amazing job! What sweet, kind, giving and loving little ones you have. Great job! We are having a hard time with our 5 year old being the above it is a daily reminder to her.