Monday, January 7, 2013

pictures that never made 2012.

Since I haven’t really been journaling on my blog, there are many memories I haven’t documented. 

This blog is for my children to look at someday as a ‘childhood family book’; It is our digital photo album and I hope to print it all out for each child when they leave our home. 

Even my husband and I love to sit together and look back at how much the kids have grown and relive funny memories we had already forgotten. 

So this week, my blogging is dedicated to looking back at some pictures from the last three months that never made it to print so to speak. 

October came and went like a whirlwind-- we attended a marriage retreat, held a four day revival at church, and put on a House of Horror-- to name the major events. 

And in the midst of the chaos, some of my favorite pictures of the kids carving pumpkins got passed by. 

Sometimes the kids ask me to use my camera and take pictures themselves. 

They actually take so many good pictures that I just love, that I can’t find it in me to erase them and I can’t possibly post them all. So here are just a bunch I picked out.

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