Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Jasper’s second birthday on November 11th was another recent milestone in our tribe.

This boy is a hoot.

I have called him my most difficult not because of foolishness, but because he is extremely fearless.

Maybe it’s because he’s the fifth out of six boys and he tries anything he sees his older brothers doing...

Which would keep any Mommy on her toes.

We like to joke with Parker (our oldest) that he has met his match with Jasper and not be surprised if it’s Jasper who ends up being the Navy Seal.

But he still loves Mommy to rub his head at nap time and sing to him at night. He’s also one of our most cuddly children and loves to give kisses. And everyone loves to squeeze his little face-- his cheeks are so plump and inviting.

There’s still a little boy in that brave little Indian.


Tesha said...

Great pictures!!! I am going to try to get one like that of the candles on Josephs B-day, so cute:)

Thoughts for the day said...

He is so adorable.