Monday, March 25, 2013

a see's candy lollipop.

Today I am Jasper's favorite person.

I took him in his Star Wars Pajamas to the See's Candy Holiday Store and bought him a chocolate Lollipop.

They were one of my favorite things as a kid.

He's said 'Thank You' about a dozen times.

And 'I love you, Mommy' about half a dozen times.

Chocolate face and plenty of smiles.


erynsmith22 said...

So sweet. I can't wait (but I can! ;)) to have kids one day so I can see that look in their eyes like "no one will ever top this moment with you Mommy!". It's so very apparent in Jasper's eyes and it melts me. Even if the moment and/or feeling is short lived, that look like you're the greatest person ever and you can do no wrong has to be the best feeling ever! :)

Piece-of-Cake Parent said...

Yummy, we are making smores out of peeps this weekend.