Tuesday, March 26, 2013

being weighed down.

The day before Charlie's swim championship, his hair was looking rather large.

It almost appeared to become it's own habitat.

I was a little concerned as his Mommy because I am more than a little competitive when it comes to my children and their sports.

I thought his excess hair would provide too much drag as he tried to glide to a first place finish.

And I wanted him to win.

I thought I would just give him a cute army hair cut in the backyard.

I guess I shouldn't have complained that the clippers weren't working because my husband took over and Charlie ended up with a completely bald head with just a thin layer of stubble.

Thankfully-- he had a swim cap on the next day to protect his scalp from any sunburns.

And yes, he did pick up a few wins at the championship meet.

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Kelly said...

Tell Chris I LOVE his "Made in Ireland" t-shirt!!